Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our House

We listed our house on Tuesday. Had 1 showing Thursday, 3 showings on Friday, and have 1 scheduled for next Tuesday. Oh, and we just got a call from our realtor with an offer from the first viewers.


I pretended to be the realtor so that I could take some pictures with my new camera so I'll show you. And no we do not live like this. I had to do major room rearranging and rent 2 storage units for the overflow,ie home school and office stuff.

That's our house on the left and our detached garage on the right. Our property runs from the road on the left to the big, ugly bushes behind the swing set on the right. A little over an acre.


Sophie said...

Exciting!! Hope it sells quickly. Beautiful home. Have you found a house to buy yet?

Susan said...

Yes! We found a house that with a little de-grandmafication and a small addition, will be perfect:)